Greg Parker Reviews The Adventure Technology AT2 Flexi Shaft

September 27, 2010
Greg Parker Reviews The Adventure Technologies AT2 Flexi Shaft After 13 years with the same brand of paddle, I made a switch and started using the AT2 Flexi this year. I originally made the switch because I was looking for a flexible shaft to relief stress on my elbows. The flexible shaft is helpful, but… View Article

Matthew Klema Reviews The AT-4 Play E

July 30, 2010
Matthew Klema Reviews The AT-4 Play E Introduction: The AT-4 Play paddle is a great, affordable bent shaft white water paddle. The blade design follows the same great blade design as the AT-2 series but is made without the foam core. The result is powerful, responsive and proven blade shape made of nylon and carbon… View Article

CKS Squad Top 5 Gear Pics With Mike Tavares

November 3, 2009
Mike Tavares Top 5 Picks WaveSport Project 52 Over the past few years, many different playboats have come and gone, but few still remain that stand out among the crowd. The Project has been Wavesport’s main playboat for many years, and still has a design that has been tough to beat. Top contenders in the… View Article

Haley Mills’ Top 6 CKS Kayaking Essentials

October 20, 2009
After paddling for 9 years I have tested an insane amount a gear. I am finally stoked on my updated kayaking apparel that fits awesome and has plenty of style and function. Being of small stature its hard to find boats, paddles, well kayaking gear in general to fit nice and snug. My gear has… View Article

CKS Squad Review:Fred Norquist Reviews The AT2

July 2, 2009
AT2 Whitewater Paddle Review By Fred Norquist By far one of my favorite pieces of equipment is my AT2 paddle. Whether I’m out for a quick play session, or running some big rapids, the feel of an AT2 in my hand gets me stoked to get on the water. The natural grip and power that… View Article

Tim Kelton’s Top 3 Gear Picks

June 15, 2009
Tim Kelton’s Top 3 CKS Gear pics #1-Sweet Protection Rocker Full Face Helmet People look for different features in helmets, but in the end you are wearing a helmet to give you the best possible protection against head and neck injuries. The Sweet Rocker series helmets have a thermoplastic, carbon re-enforced shell and EPP liner…. View Article

AT 3 Mystery Whitewater Kayak Paddle Review

January 28, 2009
AT3 Mystery Stick Paddle Review The AT3 Mystery has a background that is as interesting as the paddle itself. AT originally built it at the same time as the AT Zen and ATX. The ATX is AT’s foam core river running paddle. The Zen was the same paddle, but with glass blades instead of carbon/foam… View Article

AT Eddy White Water Paddle

November 16, 2008
The Eddy is the newest whitewater paddle from AT. It’s basically a Red AT3 Edge with a Carbon/Kevlar weave shaft(see photo below). The main appeal of this paddle is it’s durability, semi-buoyant blades and price point. It has many of the features that the AT 2 series has, but costs $100 less. It’s also more… View Article