CKS Squad Review: Sweet Rocker’s and Rabid Whistle Pigs

July 15, 2009
Sweet Rocker Fullface Whitewater Kayak Helmet Review by Darin Kellum Note: All events in this blog review have been verified for accuracy by Darin “DK” Kellum that they either may or may not have actually happened. Have you ever had one of those moments when you wake up, knowing absolutely nothing? There I was, looking… View Article

CKS Squad Review:Fred Norquist Reviews The AT2

July 2, 2009
AT2 Whitewater Paddle Review By Fred Norquist By far one of my favorite pieces of equipment is my AT2 paddle. Whether I’m out for a quick play session, or running some big rapids, the feel of an AT2 in my hand gets me stoked to get on the water. The natural grip and power that… View Article

Leif Embertson Reviews The Watershed Ocoee Bag

June 30, 2009
Leif Embertson Reviews The Watershed Ocoee Bag Holy dry bag batman, this dry bag is the shiznitt. This dry bag is probably the product that put Watershed on the map for kayakers and for good reason. The Ocoee is the perfect size storing cameras and other expensive equipment that absolutely has to stay dry and… View Article

Greg Parker Reviews the Shred Ready Standard Full Face Helmet

June 18, 2009
Shred Ready Standard Full Face Helmet Review With Greg Parker Greg Parker is a CKS Squad and Team Jackson member. Here’s his brief, but to the point review on the Shred Ready Standard Full Face helmet. Enjoy! Pros: Has great protection. Fits well so it doesn’t slip and it is comfortable. The ears and mouth… View Article

Tim Kelton’s Top 3 Gear Picks

June 15, 2009
Tim Kelton’s Top 3 CKS Gear pics #1-Sweet Protection Rocker Full Face Helmet People look for different features in helmets, but in the end you are wearing a helmet to give you the best possible protection against head and neck injuries. The Sweet Rocker series helmets have a thermoplastic, carbon re-enforced shell and EPP liner…. View Article

Atom Crawford Reviews The Shred Ready T Dub

June 9, 2009
Shred Ready T Dub review by Atom Crawford The SR TDUB is one heck of a cool looking helmet. I originally bought this helmet based on style alone. I figured if some of the worlds best “heavy hitters” were wearing it, then it had to be for me. The TDub crew (Daniel DeLaVergne, Tommy Hilike,… View Article

Sweet Protection “Strutter” Whitewater Kayak Helmet Review

April 20, 2009
The Sweet Protection ” Strutter” Whitewater Kayak Helmet Shopping for the perfect whitewater kayak helmet can be a bit confusing. There are ones that fit the bill for all types of paddling. Do you want a full face, full cut or half cut helmet? Is composite better than ABS plastic? If you want to end… View Article

Jackson Kayak Happy Seat/Thruster Combo Review

March 9, 2009
Ruth Gordon Reviews The Jackson Kayak Happy Seat and Thruster EJ turns to me in the eddy and with a smile says, ‘Ruth, would you lend your happy seat/thruster combo to my friend here?’ I don’t realize it but he’s asking me because he certainly won’t part with his and he wants to know if… View Article

AT 3 Mystery Whitewater Kayak Paddle Review

January 28, 2009
AT3 Mystery Stick Paddle Review The AT3 Mystery has a background that is as interesting as the paddle itself. AT originally built it at the same time as the AT Zen and ATX. The ATX is AT’s foam core river running paddle. The Zen was the same paddle, but with glass blades instead of carbon/foam… View Article

Shred Ready Shaggy Helmet Review

January 2, 2009
Shred Ready Shaggy Helmet Review The Shred Ready Shaggy is a popular shape and it out performs others because of the addition of the “Hand Of God” Helmet Stabilization System, or HOG. This ingenious devise allows the user to achieve a customized fit in 1 mm increments, and aides in reducing the possibility of the… View Article