The SnapDragon Armortex EXP Review By Kyle Smith

April 19, 2013
SnapDragon Armortex EXP Sprayskirt Review –  By KyleSmith Helmet. Check. PFD. Check. Paddle. Check. Boat. Check. Hmmm what am I missing. Spray Decks…Probably one of the dullest items to talk about in kayaking, yet, possibly the most essential additional piece besides the kayak itself. I used to be of the opinion that all spray skirts… View Article

CKS Customer Review: Robert McPherson Reviews The Snap Dragon Armortex Spray Skirt

December 21, 2011
The Snap Dragon Armortex Spray Skirt Review You’d think that at my age I would have learned that it’s better to spend a bit extra and get the best when you need it. I guess I’m a slow learner. I took up kayaking two years ago at age 51. I live in Nepal and I… View Article

Immersion Research Kling On Spray Skirt Review

July 9, 2010
The Immersion Research Kling On Spray Skirt Kayak design has become a little bit “cockpits gone wild” in the past few years. There seem to be more and more boats with funky designs (like really flared knee wells for extra volume), XXL oversized and elongated cockpit rims, etc. It’s often tough for spray skirt manufacturers… View Article

Immersion Research Dry Deck for Play Boating by Dave Kloberdanz

May 20, 2010
Immersion Research Dry Deck Review I have been using my custom I.R. Dry Deck for two seasons now, and it is one of my most treasured pieces of equipment! If you are a true play boater you should really consider calling CKS to place your custom order for an I.R. Dry Deck. I.R. gives you… View Article

CKS Squad Top 5 Gear Pics With Mike Tavares

November 3, 2009
Mike Tavares Top 5 Picks WaveSport Project 52 Over the past few years, many different playboats have come and gone, but few still remain that stand out among the crowd. The Project has been Wavesport’s main playboat for many years, and still has a design that has been tough to beat. Top contenders in the… View Article

Haley Mills’ Top 6 CKS Kayaking Essentials

October 20, 2009
After paddling for 9 years I have tested an insane amount a gear. I am finally stoked on my updated kayaking apparel that fits awesome and has plenty of style and function. Being of small stature its hard to find boats, paddles, well kayaking gear in general to fit nice and snug. My gear has… View Article