Greg Parker’s Year In Review

November 20, 2012
My 2012 goals were as follows… 1. Complete 2 months of strength training so that I am ready for the competition season. 2. Top 3 finish in a professional event. 3. Experience 3 personal first descents. This past year marked a big change in my life.  As the kayaking season was approaching, I was finishing… View Article

A Chronicle From The Tsarap Chu And Zanskar Rivers

November 5, 2012
Big water kayaking – Himalayan style!

Get the Buzzz back!!!

November 1, 2012
It has been a rough year to be a Colorado kayaker.  I know. I was there back in 2001 or was it 2002?  I’m still trying to block it out of my memory.  Yet, I’m still heartened to see on the Buzz that people got out and crushed it anyway. So this post is going to… View Article

Green Race Coverage: Fast Times, Smooth Lines and CARNAGE

October 31, 2012
It’s been coined as The Most Wonderful Time Of Year by many. No, this is not Christmas that we’re talking about, it’s The Green Race

Twin Lakes SUP Rally: Fall colors, blue skies and glass.

October 22, 2012
We picked the right weekend. Our goal was to paddle amidst brilliant shades of yellow and orange, yet in weather that favors shorts and a t shirt.

Little White and the Colorado Fall Blues

October 21, 2012
Given the exceptionally dry weather in Colorado this fall and little to no great kayaking opportunities, here is to thinking about the next kayaking trip.  Little White Salmon, March 2012 with Ben Luck and Louis Geltman. Lots of water, lots of wood, lots of sunshine and a whole lot of good paddling. Nathan & Matthew… View Article

Bailey Fest 2012

September 10, 2012
I’ve been attending Bailey Fest since it started 3 years ago.  Every year once it’s over I leave thinking that it couldn’t be any better, and every time I come back it’s even rowdier.  Bailey is a class 4+ 5- run. Bailey Fest is a class 5+ party.  It gets wild.  This year there were 4 kegs… View Article

Upper Upper Cispus

September 5, 2012
Late August in the Pacific Northwest really means one thing for local paddlers… It’s time to make the yearly trek to the Upper Upper Cispus. Most everything around has long since dried up and summer is coming to a close. Just as you find yourself looking ahead to the rains of November. Wham-o, the UUC drops in… View Article

What’s in a Sunshine photo?

July 31, 2012
It finally happened.  I sacked up and ran Sunshine at a normal flow of 100%.  It’s not even close to being the most difficult rapid I’ve run or the most dangerous.  Not the most remote, not the tallest, not even the most challenging of that day. But Sunshine has a mystique.  Every hard paddler has… View Article

Acobamba Abyss section of the Apurimac River, Peru

July 23, 2012
The summer issue of kayak session features the Acobamba abyss section of the Apurimac river in Peru.  We never did a write up on that particular part of our trip two years ago so we though we would share some pictures.  Amazing river and amazing canyon.  With Matt Wilson, Evan Ross, Ryan Casey and Ben… View Article