Kayaking So Far…

May 29, 2012
Even though the water levels aren’t what we are used to at this time of year. I have been able to get out and have some fun.  Over the past two weeks I have competed in two freestyle competitions.  The first one of the year was part of the 2012 Point Series Competition in Green River.  It… View Article

The South Branch of the Middle Feather

May 20, 2012
Take a journey down the South Branch of the Middle Feather River located deep in the mountains of Northern California with paddlers Austin Nickell and Jordan Golnik. 

Things you see in the Southeast

May 17, 2012
It’s time for you Colorado brothas to come visit me here in the Southeast!  TJ and ACC came out to visit and had nothing but a plethora of 5-star days and kayaking.  Lament low water no more! Here’s what early January looks like in the Little River Canyon: The one, the only, Peaches still knows… View Article

Never Before Seen Footage!!!

May 2, 2012
The Animas River has a long history of kayaking.  The boxes are no exception!  Enjoy this retro tribute.

Sanded and blown silly on the Yampa

April 20, 2012
By Kyle McCutchen March is a rough month for kayakers in Colorado. The snow is beginning to fade away (especially this year), the temperatures are almost warm, and the rivers trickle away in a tease. Fortunately that tease can occasionally deliver a nice early season melt for a river that you know you want to… View Article

Training and Traveling

April 17, 2012
The past few weeks have been full on training time. Mike and I have been living in friends drive ways, Outfitter shops, and Walmart parking lots that are conveniently located to awesome river features. Since our trailer has been covered with logos we are not incognito anymore. My training over the last few weeks has… View Article

Spring Time in the Northern Sierra’s!

April 12, 2012
Well winter seemed to be over and with a little melting snow mixed with rain we had some really good flows. Now it seems we will be having ever better flows as there is 6” of snow outside my door. Winter loves to creep up on the Sierra’s. Andrew Mathews a good friend and fellow… View Article

Easter Sunday Surf Sessions!

April 8, 2012
While other people are hunting for colorful eggs and stuffing their faces with candy, myself and a handful of other local paddlers found ourselves slipping into the New River for another amazing day of freestyle and big water. When the levels are right (this weekend was +/-11,000 cfs) the New River Gorge has more quality… View Article

Pacific NW Spring Break 2012

April 3, 2012
I was talking to Leif Anderson one day on the phone when he told me the greatest thing in the world. Southwest Airlines will check your boat and paddle for $50. This blew my mind and that same day I bought a plane ticket to Portland. I didn’t even talk to anyone about going, it… View Article

RCRE VOL. IV 2011 High Water Highlight Reel

March 29, 2012
RCRE Vol. IV dropping in with High Water Gore, Fish Creek, Charlie’s hole, OBJ, Daisy, North Fork of the Little Wind, Black Canyon, Pozo Azul, Reventazón, Chirripo Pacifico and much more. Enjoy the stoke!